Hello and Welcome Kimberly (Kim) McHugh is a military wife, mom of 3, lover of capturing others stories and located right here in Savannah, Georgia

Welcome! My name is Kim. I am a military wife, mom, Christian , and maternity, birth, and newborn photographer located in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Being a mom has shown me just how fast times flies and how quickly our kids grow up. It has also shown me just how rapidly we forget how tiny their toes were, the peach fuzz on their ears and the sound of their first cry, just to name a few. All things we told ourselves we’d never forget.

Capturing these moments on film brings those moments back to life for me. It brings back the sigh of relief I felt when I heard their first cry, the softness against my fingers when touching that peach fuzz on their ears, and the moments I would sit counting and tickling their tiny baby toes. I want this for all families. I want them to have this very exciting time, which you can never get back, documented for them to reminisce on for generations. Every family deserves that.