Savannah’s Birth Story

Savannah’s Birth Story

The birth story of Savannah Grace in Savannah, Georgia on April 27, 2017.

It was your average Thursday morning in Savannah, Georgia with the birds chirping, the sun shining and your children and husband waking you up singing Happy Birthday. Okay, so not your ‘typical’ Thursday morning but ‘typical’ for it being the anniversary of your birth.

Birthday. The day you were born into this world. The day you took your first breath, cried your first cry. A day that would never be forgotten by the people closest to you. This is all the making of a day of birth.

10:40am I receive a text from Erin (mom) saying her contractions were getting stronger and closer together and that they were on their way to the hospital. Once there, they would let me know if the doctors were going to keep her or send her home on a false alarm. The moment the word came that she wouldn’t be leaving the hospital without her baby girl in her arms, I grabbed my camera and drove off to the hospital.

Shortly after 12pm I arrived at Memorial Hospital. Erin was extremely calm and resting. Not long after arriving though, little Savannah decided she didn’t want to wait any longer and that it was time to meet her mom and dad. Erin became super mom, progressed rapidly, and gave birth to miss Savannah after being at the hospital only a few short hours.

Mom in labor in Savannah, GA


Savannah, GA birth story in the makingmom laboring in Savannah, Georgia Birth story in the making in Savannah, GA

1:32pm on April 27, 2017, miss Savannah arrived! Being so far from family, Grandma and Grandpas couldn’t be here to welcome their new granddaughter into the world. So, they did it the next best way. Through Facetime! At only a few hours new, Savannah was able to meet her grandparents and an aunt, all while never leaving mom.


There was one person, however, that she needed to meet still that would require her leaving the comfort of mom’s arms. Her ride and die. Her best friend. The one who will protect her from other kids. The one whom she will steal toys from, get in fights with, and laugh until she cries. Her big brother!


Erin and Brandon, thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to capture Savannah’s birth story for you. You all did an amazing job and she is absolutely adorable.

For a birth photographer, there is no greater way to celebrate your birthday than capturing and witnessing another life being born. Happy Birthday Savannah!


usb with Savannah Grace and her birth date engraved on it

The custom USB Savannah’s birth story will go home on.


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  • Laura kingMay 9, 2017 - 8:58 PM

    Beautiful birth story! And I love that custom USB. ReplyCancel